Want to advertise to Hundreds of thousands of people across hundreds of countries. Select which advertising pack is more suitable for your company or business, then email us at Prices and plans vary and are negotiable.

Text Advertising

This here is a simple one text word that links to your business or organisation when clicked on. A one-off fee gives you three text advertising that remains on the site permanently.

Directory Advertising

This allows your Business, Organisation, Company, Website, Blog-site or Media channels to advertise on the directory page permanently. A one-off fee allows you one URL link (Currently under maintenance).

Sponsored Posts

The sponsored post allows you to post an article related to a product you are selling or advertising. This includes 1-8 images, three text links as much information as you want and it will remain on the Site.

Share For Share Advertising

This here is by far our favourite form of advertising! We call this the share for share offer as we will allow you to choose any of the recommended advertisement packages in exchange you share The Luxury Thrill website, on your website or social media source. Note we will have to check the content you would like to share if it can be approved on the site.